006Beanpoles, pea sticks, fencing materials and other coppice products are available from Lot 3 Woodland on Hinksey Hill, Oxford O1 5BQ.

  • Beanpoles £8 for 10 sturdy seven-foot poles
  • Pea sticks £5.50 for 20 well-branched sticks about 5 feet tall
  • Whips between 45p and 90p

One-third off if you help to coppice them.  Delivery costs vary according to distance, but ideally you would pick them up yourself and have a wander around the woodland.


2 thoughts on “

    • Hi Margaret,
      I have quite a lot of orders on the books at the moment, and am not sure how much (if any) I will have extra. If you’re happy with the idea, I’ll put your order on the list and will contact you in a month or so to let you know whether I will have enough. I’d need your email or phone number for that please.
      Thank you. Riki

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