Lot 3 Wood

Lot 3 Wood is an award-winning 4 hectare (10 acre) woodland on the edge of Oxford.

When it was purchased in 2003 – by auction, hence the name – it was a corn field.  With the advice of the Oxfordshire Woodland Project and some funding from the Forestry Commission, deer and rabbit fencing was installed, and 7000 tree whips were planted:


The summer of 2003 had a drought which killed about 10% of the trees, but since then they have grown rapidly.  View to the west:

change over time 2

View to the south:

change over time 1

The woodland has hosted Forest Schools and bee hives, and the Witney Woodland Volunteers have helped to maintain it.  Currently it is used by the Mulberry Bush School for activities for its young people, and three sets of ‘woodfuel allotment’ holders are helping to thin the trees.  Trees need thinning once their canopies start pushing against each other.


On the west end of Lot 3 is a small hazel coppice.  Sale of the products helps to pay for annual mowing of the rides, and for woodland insurance.


Lot 3 wood is starting to become quite biodiverse, with orchids (common spotted and pyramidal), green woodpeckers, bluebells, foxes and many butterflies.

In July 2019, Lot 3 wood won 1st prize for small & farm woodlands at the Royal Forestry Society Excellence in Forestry Awards.  Please see https://www.rfs.org.uk/media/602015/lot-3-creating-woodland-on-arable-land.pdf for further information.  The woodland was also the subject of an article in Forestry Journal.