Woodfuel allotments

In winter 2017/18 three woodfuel allotments were set up at Lot 3. Lots of the 14-year-old trees needed thinning, more than the owner could do herself.

The owner marked out enough hardwood trees on each allotment to provide at least a cubic metre of firewood, plus lots of additional willows in case allotment holders wanted more wood.  Rent was £35 for the year.  Allotment holders could use a chainsaw if they signed a disclaimer form, and were asked to not take down trees during bird nesting season.

The photos show Kat and Nat in their beautifully managed allotment, and Tim’s handsome logs.

Three more have been rented out for 2018/19.

Nat said “It was worth the money just to be in the woodland, helping to manage it.  We got plenty of logs, and poles that we can use for kindling and for our vegetable garden.”  The owner Riki says “It has been lovely to have other people managing the woodland.  They’ve done a superb job and we’re doing this again next year.”